Flight attendant showing a mask
Common Inflight Behaviors That Really Annoy Flight Attendants
When trying to get a flight attendant's attention, steer clear of nicknames and terms of endearment, such as "Honey" and "Darling." It's best to simply say, "Excuse me."
Several flight attendants on Reddit also named their biggest annoyance as passengers touching them to get their attention. Flirting in any other form is also a big no-no.
The refreshment cart isn't self-serve, and since planes have an allotted number of refreshments, serving yourself messes up their count and spreads germs.
Serving Yourself
While it may seem polite to hand over all of your trash as quickly as possible, flight attendants prefer that you wait until they put on gloves and come by to collect it.
Passengers who want to "help" flight attendants by taking care of things on the plane, such as reorganizing overhead bins, often annoy them instead.
Doing Their Job
Another pet peeve of flight attendants is when passengers take it upon themselves to call other people out for breaking the rules. If you need to, quietly alert the attendant.
Trying to chit-chat with a flight attendant may seem polite, but it gets in the way of their job. However, it is still good to tell them "thank you."
Being Chatty