Planning vacation trip with map.
Change How You Prepare For Your Next Trip With This TikTok Tip
When you're about to embark on an epic trip, you need to plan many things ahead of time. However, having strict, prepaid plans can come back to haunt you when things go awry.
According to TikToker @findingfiona, having her entire trip to Bali completely planned out and paid for in advance became a nightmare when she came down with dengue fever.
Fiona said, "We had to forfeit about half the Airbnbs that we were gonna stay at. It was such a mess." Often, she couldn't get a refund for some of those prepaid Airbnbs.
A OnePoll survey showed that two-thirds of travelers prefer taking spontaneous trips. Americans are spending 30% less time planning trips, per a 2023 Travel Trends report.
Skyscanner's travel expert, Laura Lindsay, notes that "spontaneous travel helps foster a 'can-do' attitude and reminds travelers of the limitless possibilities that await them."
Without a planned itinerary, "you are able to take it all in and not feel the pressure of needing to rush to your next stop," travel blogger Esther Susag says.