A tent on a beach
Camp Comfortably In High Humidity Destinations With This Essential
Something is appealing about camping on a scenic and sandy shoreline. However, the high humidity can often irritate your skin and cause allergies, so bring baby powder.
Baby powder contains talc, which, in powdered form, is extremely good at absorbing moisture, reducing friction, and keeping your skin dry and rash-free while you camp.
Apply the baby powder liberally at night to protect against the added heat built-up in a sleeping bag as you doze. Use as much as you like to cover all of your skin.
Don't worry about the excess baby powder degrading your tent or sleeping bag fabrics, as an overnight coat of baby powder followed by a wash can remove stains from your gear.
If you have sensitive skin, use the organic baby dusting powder by MOMiN Greenicare. If you're worried about inhaling residual powder dust, opt for a variety made with cornstarch.