Cinderella posing with a family at Disney
Best Ways To Make Your Disney Experience One You'll Never Forget
Many people like decorating their Disney hotel room doors with twinkle lights, stickers, photos, and paper cut-outs. There are even Disney door-decorating companies.
"Pixie dusting" refers to cast members' habit of blessing park guests with random surprises, and many fans have started doing so themselves.
Pixie Dusting
You can bring small goodies like friendship bracelets, stickers, and candies to gift to cast members or other guests, especially kids.
Pin trading is another common Disney activity. The pins are available in most shops around the parks and resorts, and it's a great way to connect with other Disney fans.
Pin Trading
Half the fun of a family Disney vacation is hyping it up for the kids, and you can do this by getting them a personalized character letter via snail mail.
Character Letters
Have your kids write a letter to their favorite Disney character, including your return address. Within six weeks, your child should receive a letter with an autographed photo.
Guests staying at official Walt Disney resorts can arrange a wake-up call from a Disney character to kick off the day, which is a great way to get the kids moving.
Wakeup Call