Entrance to a Dollar Tree store
Best Dollar Tree Packing Tips To Use On Your Next Vacation
If you buy nothing else from Dollar Tree, get quart-sized and extra-large baggies. They can conform to fit any shape, maximizing suitcase space.
Plastic Baggies
Put your liquids in the quart-sized bag for airport security requirements. Turn board games into travel versions by throwing Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary cards into a larger bag.
Divide sanitizer wipes or portion snacks among your family members for the trip in small bags, or use them for toys, crayons, and electronic cords.
Dollar Tree is objectively the best place to get travel-sized toiletry bottles. You can even pick up a mini spray bottle for your favorite hair spray.
Travel-Sized Bottles
You can also get squeezable travel dressing containers for your lotions or moisturizers from Dollar Tree's kitchen aisle, which are perfect for TSA requirements.
If you use hot hair tools when traveling, go to the Dollar Tree kitchen aisle and grab a silicone hot pad and one of the store's adorable oven mitts.
Silicon Hot Pad & Mitts
When it's time to pack, fold the silicone pad in half and insert it into your mitt to create a liner, then slide your hot curling iron into the oven mitt.
Dollar Tree's collapsible sweater storage bags are perfect for packing boots without damaging the leather or having dirty soles touch your clothing.
Sweater Storage Bags
To help your boots maintain shape and avoid creases, fill them with socks, t-shirts, or other small clothing items to maximize storage space.
Small, soft-sided packing cubes from Dollar Tree are available in several sizes. They also collapse to lay completely flat and make great suitcase dividers.
Packing Cubes
After placing the cubes inside your luggage, fill them with folded or rolled-up clothing. In your hotel room, you can easily transfer the cubes to the closet or drawers.