People holding hands on airplane
Become A More Polite Airplane Passenger With Pauline Frommer's Tips
While there are many common flight etiquette mistakes, travel expert Pauline Frommer shares her tips for being a polite passenger during a 2015 interview with 1000 Travel Tips.
The first no-no to avoid is taking up the armrests. Frommer says, "The middle seat [...] own[s] both those armrests, so do not crowd them out of those armrests."
For many passengers, frustration is the aftereffect of dealing with cramped seats and limited legroom, so Frommer suggests choosing an aisle seat to avoid feeling trapped.
The travel guru also suggests accepting discomfort and minor annoyances for the brief duration of the flight and taking a more empathetic approach when observing fellow passengers.
Frommer advises helping other stressed travelers, such as parents. "I spend a lot of time playing peek-a-boo with toddlers and smiling at parents," she says.