Cádiz, Spain
Beautiful Hidden Gem Destinations To Visit In The Mediterranean
The second-largest Roman city has a ton of well-preserved ruins, including the Temple of Artemis. The UNESCO World Heritage site is an archaeologist's paradise.
Ephesus, Turkey
Ephesus is also great for religious buffs. It's named throughout the New Testament and was visited by Paul, John, and the Virgin Mary, who is thought to have died in the city.
This coastal city is full of winding streets, stunning churches, and delicious restaurants. Spread out on the beach, peruse local shops, and eat regional specialties.
Cádiz, Spain
As the oldest continuously inhabited city in the country, Cádiz has tons of history. Visitors can see Cádiz's landmark whitewashed homes and storied watchtowers.
Unlike many Mediterranean cities, monuments aren't the focus here. Instead, it's theaters, cafes, shops, and restaurants, all with unique zeal and local touches.
Tangier, Morocco
Unlike many other Mediterranean destinations, Corsica lacks crowds and commercialization and has maintained authentic coastlines and a ton of natural beauty.
Corsica, France
Amazing mountain ranges cover much of the island, which hosts many rare species. On the island, visitors can see wild cows on the beaches and enjoy outdoor activities.
This island has vineyards and beautiful beaches aplenty. It is a former Greek territory, and visitors can learn about the island's history at Bozcaada Castle.
Bozcaada, Turkey