Parthenon temple in Acropolis at Athens, Greece - travel background
Beautiful Ancient Cities To Visit Around The World
Once called the "Paris of the East," Beirut is more than 5,000 years old and was a pivotal port city that attracted the attention of the Roman and Ottoman Empires.
Beirut, Lebanon
Visitors to Beirut can marvel at city ruins, unique architecture, and gorgeous mosques. The city is a comfortable mix between modern and traditional, with something for everyone.
Faiyum is often considered the oldest city in Africa. It was founded in 4,000 BC and is brimming with archaeological sites, prehistoric findings, and marvelous ruins.
Faiyum, Egypt
Visitors should stop by the Wadi Hitan National Park, which hosts 40-million-year-old marine animal fossils, and Magic Lake, a famous body of water that changes colors frequently.
Argos is a 7,000-year-old city that is a must for history lovers and world travelers, as it is considered by many to be the most ancient city in Greece.
Argos, Greece
Argos visitors can marvel at all sorts of splendors, including the Theater of Argos, the ancient marketplace Agora, and countless ancient ruins.
Plovdiv has more than 8,000 years of history to appreciate, including ruins, a charming old town, gorgeous cathedrals, historic piazzas, and beautiful villas.
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Visitors can see the iconic Roman Amphitheatre of Philippopolis, the Hindliyan's House, the Regional Ethnographic Museum, and one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets.
As Europe's first capital city and the world's first known democracy, Athens has a significant place in history and has heavily influenced every aspect of life.
Athens, Greece
A truly fascinating city with a wealth of history and the famed Acropolis, Athens is also overflowing with entertainment and has convenient access to the Mediterranean Sea.