New York, USA - November 7, 2011: Times Square, featured with Broadway Theaters and huge number of LED signs, is a famous symbol of New York City and the United States in Manhattan, New York City.
Avoid These Tourist Traps When Visiting Times Square
In Times Square, you may see monks in orange robes asking for donations towards a temple. If you don't give a large enough donation, they'll harangue you and chase you.
Orange Monks
Actual New York Buddhist monks say that these are "fake monks" who are not affiliated with any Buddhist temple and are simply panhandling, so be sure to avoid them.
Madame Tussauds is a legitimate wax museum, but in a city known for museums, it's best not to spend your time going to a museum that can be found in 21 cities worldwide.
Wax Museum
Going to a chain restaurant in Times Square will cost you time waiting in lengthy lines, money as you pay premium prices, and the opportunity to experience real NYC food.
It can be tempting to buy Broadway tickets from a street seller, but these are often fake tickets. It's better to get tickets from TodayTix or TKTS Times Square.
Designer items sold for cheap on the streets of Times Square are likely counterfeit. If you want a look-alike, you're better off shopping online or at outlet stores.