Playa Marlin in Cancún
Avoid These Tourist Traps When Visiting Cancun
Several desks in the Cancún International Airport will convert other currencies into pesos, but their exchange rates can be fairly high.
Airport Money Exchange
Consider changing money at your home bank before you leave for your trip for more favorable rates. In Cancún, check out hotels, banks, and money changers to find the best rates.
Taxis are ubiquitous in Cancún, but not all of them are legal. Unlicensed taxis may not have proper safety features or working meters, making it easy to get overcharged.
Official taxis are green and white with a registration number on the side. The driver will typically be wearing a uniform with a taxi logo and have rate cards available.
In Cancún, you'll meet many timeshare sales reps trying to convince you to attend a presentation in exchange for free tours, spa treatments, or meals.
While it may seem like a good deal, these presentations can take hours, and many of the sales reps are very good at using high-pressure tactics to secure expensive sales.
Cancún features many fantastic places to eat, but many tourists don't make it off Kukulcan Boulevard, which features many chain restaurants like McDonald's.
Chain Restaurants
Eating at a chain means you miss out on some amazing authentic Mexican food. Explore the streets, and you'll find charming taquerias, vibrant seafood spots, and fine dining.
All beaches in Mexico are public, so you'll see many vendors on popular beaches selling things like wooden bowls, woven blankets, cigars, and jewelry.
Beach Vendors
Many of the items these vendors sell are mass-produced, and the initial price they ask for will probably be higher than the going rate. Bargaining is expected on most items.