Man looking at Niagra Falls
Avoid These Tourist Traps When Traveling To Niagara Falls
Chain restaurants have very inflated costs at Niagara Falls. There have been reports of $38 entrees at IHOP, and Burger King charges triple their usual prices.
Chain Restaurants
You'll feel less duped if you pay a premium at a local restaurant. There are also plenty of cheap eats in the area, such as Flying Saucer Drive-In, Chip 'N Charlies, and Pho Xyclo.
Niagara Falls' self-proclaimed "top wax museum" has been described as "unbelievably terrible." Visitors have spent over $50 to spend less than 10 minutes in the museum.
A Tripadvisor reviewer noted, "This is just a way for someone with no passion for wax figures to make a quick buck." If you want to see wax figures, find another museum.
One Niagara Welcome Center boasts gift shops and an "International Food Court," but tourists have complained about the high prices and low food quality.
Welcome Center
Souvenirs and snacks are pricey, with stores allegedly adding hidden charges at checkout, and their sightseeing tours can be found cheaper at the Official Visitor Center.
Even once you've shelled out for a rental vehicle, hotels charge as much as U.S. $51.60 per night to park a car onsite. Public transport is cheaper and easily accessible.
Rental Car
Most stores in the Falls area add on an unnecessary tourist tax. This tax is so rampant that some souvenir stores advertise their services as tourism fee-free.
Souvenir Stores
If you want gifts for people back home, we recommend People Discount Souvenir, which is a 30-minute walk from Clifton Hill and stocks many of the same souvenirs at lower prices.