The Market Theater Gum Wall in Post Alley, under Pike Place Market in Seattle
Avoid These Tourist Traps When Traveling In Seattle
Due to such an abundance of goods, Pike Place Market's reputation boasts 10 million visitors annually. It is officially Seattle's most-visited tourist location.
Pike Place Market
Popularity allows stores to raise their prices, and the crowds make it difficult to shop. Due to this, USA Today labeled it the 10th biggest tourist trap in the world.
The Original Starbucks in Pike Place Market is not the first location of the iconic coffee shop, as it was demolished in 1976.
The Original Starbucks
Despite the locals knowing the truth, Starbucks held onto the "original" bragging point. The unwarranted attention to the false location creates long lines for customers.
This iconic landmark was recognized as the highest Ferris Wheel on the West Coast when it opened in 2012, but it's far from it nowadays.
The Seattle Great Wheel
If you crave skyline views, the locals seek them from more natural — and free — environments like the one found in Kerry Park instead of from a Ferris wheel.
A bizarre tourist attraction, the Gum Wall is exactly as it sounds: a wall covered in globs of chewed gum, estimated at 250,000 pieces in total.
The Gum Wall
The unsanitary practice has not escaped controversy, and rats often stop by the attraction. Though the wall was deep cleaned in 2015, the gum reappeared and still grows today.
Dale Chihuly is a master artist in the glassblowing medium, and his pieces are so revered that the Seattle City Council gave him his own exhibition.
Chihuly Garden and Glass
However, it is painfully overpriced with a $35 entrance fee for adults, especially since you can see it all within an hour. For that price, you could visit museums all day long.