Person walking on The Broomway in Essex UK
Avoid These Dangerous Destinations When Visiting The U.K.
Although known for its stunning scenery, Cleveland has a very high rate of over 139 crimes per 1,000 people and is deemed the most dangerous place in the U.K.
Cleveland, England
This part of the River Wharfe has been labeled the most dangerous river in Britain. The water is extremely fast and flanked by slippery rocks and hidden crevices.
The Strid, England
Many people have died here, and the area is peppered with warning signs to alert visitors to the dangers. Feel free to visit, but don't try to jump across or take a dip.
This treacherous path in Essex, which only appears during low tide, has quick-sand-like material in certain places and intersects a military test-firing zone.
The Broomway, England
Visitors are also cautioned about "unexploded objects" buried here. This dangerous trail is responsible for the deaths of over 100 people over the past six centuries.
The U.K.'s highest peak, Ben Nevis, is the country’s most dangerous natural wonder. Even in summer, ambling up its rocky crest is a challenging experience.
Ben Nevis, Scotland
This park is the site of frequent military training. Hikers are warned not to touch any "unexploded ordnance," and live firings occur in certain spots.
Dartmoor National Park
The park's multitude of bogs, rivers, and streams can flood rapidly, making them risky to cross. Prepare yourself thoroughly if you want to visit the area.