Someone closing a suitcase with a lock
Avoid Pickpockets In Europe With These Hacks From Rick Steves
While Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Germany have high pickpocketing rates, you don't have to avoid those countries. Travel expert Rick Steves shares how to protect yourself.
According to Rick Steves' Europe, one of the best things you can do to deter pickpockets is not to use pockets. He suggests wearing a money belt to keep your valuables hidden.
While a fanny pack-style bag could work, Steves prefers a money belt designed to be worn under the pants. For larger bags, make sure the straps are secure and zippers locked.
It's important to stay vigilant at all times because a brazen pickpocketer might grab your phone or cut the straps off your bag. Make sure to avoid overly crowded places.
Sign up for travel insurance because most plans will cover loss of belongings due to pickpocketing, misplacement, airline error, or damage while traveling.
Steves suggests leaving a note on your most prized possessions in case they are found. If you lose your passport, make sure it's photocopied so the replacement process is quicker.