Family at hotel reception desk
Avoid Making This Common Mistake When Leaving Your Hotel Room
According to Dani Quesnel, a former hotel chain employee, guests should always visit reception before departure, as it gives the go-ahead for housekeepers to start tidying up.
Check-out is also the perfect time to return your key and report any issues you have encountered. If your accommodation offers an easy check-out option, use it instead.
If your hotel doesn't offer a no-contact check-out procedure, assume you should talk to an employee. Failing to inform staff of your departure may result in fees for overstaying.
Completing check-out is also important to ensure no mistakes are on your bill. You wouldn't want to be wrongly charged for a phone call you never made or a drink you never ordered.
In some countries, you could even get in legal trouble by failing to check out properly. TikToker @raimeetravel nearly had the police called on her in Japan for this reason.
You also shouldn't rush to the front desk at the last minute, as it could make you late for your check-out time if dozens of other guests are also leaving during that time.