Person packing a suitcase
Avoid Making These Popular Packing Mistake During Your Next Vacation
Think critically about every item you bring; many items are excessive, and you can survive a few days without them. Try to purchase certain items at your destination.
Bring enough clothing for each day of your trip, plus a handful of spares. Avoid going full fashionista unless your destination is a Paris red carpet.
Space bags use vacuum-sealing tech to compress their contents down to a fraction of their size, letting you carry more clothes in your luggage.
No Packing Tech
Packing cubes compartmentalize all your gear into soft cubes that fit Tetris-like into standard luggage. They do reduce your overall space, and the efficiency is well worth it.
Keep all your absolute essentials (travel documents, smartphone, etc.) close at hand so you can grab them in fast-moving lines.
Checking Valuables
Valuable items should always go in your carry-on to prevent theft. Also, use a few pairs of backup clothing to secure breakable items.
The soles of your shoes are perhaps one of the filthiest places on earth, so pack your shoes in reusable shoe bags and consider cleaning them beforehand.
Pack Shoes
Cramming dirty laundry into your suitcase will cause it to acquire a funk. Instead, buy a laundry bag and use a deodorizing spray to neutralize unpleasant odors.
Laundry Bag
You can get away with leaving the laundry bag at home if you can do your laundry when traveling. Check whether your hotel or Airbnb has a washer and dryer.