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Avoid Making These Money-Wasting Mistakes When Booking Your Next Trip
Tickets with long overnight layovers are often much cheaper, but they won't save much money in the long run, as you'll have to pay for a hotel and a meal or two.
Overnight Layover
Taking short flights may not be worth it, as driving to the destination can often cost half as much, assuming you don't luck out on a major, discounted fare.
Flying Nearby
A hotel is mostly a place to sleep, and all the best parts of your trip will likely be beyond its premises. Therefore, try experimenting with cheaper accommodations.
If you love traveling but don't have a travel-focused credit card, you're missing out. Paying for everyday expenses will earn you points for flights and accommodations.
Depending on your card, you could knock off about $750 with introductory rewards. Some cards offer perks like access to exclusive airport lounges and no foreign transaction fees.
If you fly a lot, especially on a single airline, you should sign up for the frequent-flyer program. Frequent-flyer miles can get you free flights, baggage, and seat upgrades.