Aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip at night
Avoid Making These Mistakes When Visiting Las Vegas
Las Vegas hotels run endless promotions, and if you book directly with the hotel, you can often get a discount. Upon arrival, ask about memberships and "comps."
Loyalty programs reward guests for playing games in the casino. Redeem accumulated points for room upgrades, discounted show tickets, and restaurant coupons.
Getting around Las Vegas can be tricky, and the less you have to walk or hail cabs, the better. The Strip may seem concentrated, but it's about four miles long.
The Wrong Hotel
Popular resorts strive to be self-contained experiences, especially in the scorching summer heat. If you don't love the hotel you've chosen, you may hate it by the time you leave.
If you want to explore the broader region around the city, driving a rental car can be a much cheaper alternative than taxis, but Las Vegas is surprisingly foot-friendly.
The Las Vegas Monorail, a 3.9-mile mass transit system, carries passengers back and forth along the Strip. People who just want to enjoy their resort may not need a car at all.
Resorts are designed to pull you into their casinos and amenities for as long as possible, so it's no surprise that many blow all their money on the first day.
Too Hard, Too Fast
Your best bet is to set a daily budget. This may not sound like free-wheeling fun, but you can at least rest assured you'll still be able to pay your hotel's room service bill.
For most of us, gambling isn't a profession, and we shouldn't treat it like one. Most visitors play slots and roulette tables because they're fun.
Expecting To Win
Don't expect to make money or win big in a casino. Players lose several billion dollars yearly at Las Vegas blackjack tables, slot machines, and other games.