Man getting in a taxi
Avoid Getting Scammed By A Taxi In Europe With Rick Steves' Tips
For the best chance of getting a fair taxi rate when traveling in Europe, travel expert and guidebook author Rick Steves has a few taxi tips on his blog, Rick Steves Europe.
Look up well-established taxi companies with tamper-proof meters before you arrive, and ask your hotel's front desk about local taxi rates or use tools like World Taximeter.
Before you get inside the taxi, make sure it looks official with a prominent logo on the side, check for the driver's ID, and establish the rate at the start of the trip.
If the driver says the meter is broken, ask them to set a fixed rate or find another taxi. If the driver uses a taxi meter app, it could increase the price.
When paying with the local currency, settle the tab using small bills in case they claim to have no change. If you get change back, don't be shy about counting it.
If you're confused about the price, ask the driver to explain the extra charges. If it's outrageous and you both know it, leave a fair amount of cash on the seat and get out.