Bassano Del Grappa, Veneto Region, Italy. Street of old town with antique italian architecture and lamps on the walls houses. Sunset evening time
Avoid Doing These Things As A Tourist Visiting Italy
Many churches in Italy have dress codes — your skirts or shorts must go to at least your knees, and you must have covered shoulders. Otherwise, expect to be denied entry.
When visiting a sacred site, it's also essential to remember that people may be using it as such. Keep your voice down, obey any signs prohibiting photography, and be respectful.
Messing around with the water at the fountain can get you arrested and slapped with a fine. You can toss a coin in the fountain, but taking money out of it is illegal.
Trevi Water
Trying to take your money back would also be in poor taste, as the coins are collected and donated to charities. The fountain is a massive revenue source for those organizations.
In Italy, you must validate your train ticket before getting onto the train or risk a hefty fine. If you don't, it may be viewed as stealing train fare.
Train Ticket
The word "latté" literally means "milk" in Italian, so you'll get milk if you ask a barista for a latte. Instead, order a caffe latté or latté macchiato for an espresso drink.
Hustlers sometimes hand out "free" things like flowers, expecting you to tip them. Just ignore them or simply say "no, grazie" if you want to be polite.
Free Gifts
Hustlers will also try to take your photo for you and then demand money for their service. You're especially susceptible to these freebie hustlers if you're in a large group.