Great Wall near Mutianyu, China
Avoid Doing These Things As A Tourist Visiting China
Chinese culture's sensitivity to honoring one another causes an aversion to speaking of political issues. This reality is even more pronounced with foreigners.
Political Talk
In particular, Chinese people will be extremely reluctant to discuss Tibet, Taiwan, and Tiananmen Square. Leave political conversation of all sorts at home.
The concept of tipping hasn't taken root here, and servers may even become embarrassed and try to give you back the money. To avoid embarrassing situations, avoid tipping.
However, there is one important exception: tour guides. These types of workers rely on tips, and it is common practice to offer them something for their time in this industry.
Mobile wallet apps have dominated Chinese personal finance for quite some time. Unless you're dealing with small, local produce vendors, cash likely won't get you very far.
Transferring cash to an Alipay account can help you avoid hefty transaction and exchange fees and allow you to fit in more readily with the convenience these tools afford.
Although public displays of affection are not common, you won't have much personal space in public spaces like the metro, as it's usually crammed with people.
Expect Personal Space
For anyone visiting friends in China, remember to bring a gift when visiting their home. Almost any kind of gift is acceptable, including a drink, toys, or decorations.
Forgo A Gift
However, you'll want to avoid things like clocks, umbrellas, and chrysanthemum flowers. These items share a connotation with death and the end of things.