Beautiful young women exploring the streets of mediterranean Old Town in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Avoid Bustling Crowds When Visiting Europe With Rick Steves' Tips
At many tourist destinations in Europe, the crowds can be horrendous. When it comes to avoiding crowds, travel expert Rick Steves says that "timing is everything."
If you don't mind visiting the iconic sites in the early morning or the late evening, you can get an unparalleled, quiet, and practically all-to-yourself experience.
Steves also recommends avoiding the beaten path and checking out smaller cities. As he writes, "Everybody goes to Lisbon, why not check out Porto?"
The writer also suggests avoiding a European trip during the summer. Traveling during the off-season means more hotel vacancies, smaller crowds, and more affordable prices.
Perhaps Steves' most relatable and applicable tip is simply to be "zen" about crowds. He writes, "Some lines are unavoidable [...] you will need to pack a little extra patience."