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Avoid Booking With These Airlines That Provide Very Little Legroom
Airline economy seating is typically claustrophobic, but some airlines are better than others. Alex Miller, CEO of Upgraded Points, found which airlines have the least legroom.
Miller’s study found the airline with the most legroom had 32.3 inches between seats (JetBlue), while the airline with the least legroom had only 28 inches (Spirit and Frontier).
Upgraded Points said that Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines ranked last because they trade legroom for the low cost of their ticket prices, which are often less than $100.
Hawaiian Airlines was second to last on the list, with 29 inches of legroom. However, the airline offers an "extra comfort" economy class ticket with an extra 5 inches of legroom.
United Airlines offers just 30.1 inches of average legroom, but like Hawaiian, you can pay for an Economy Plus ticket to get a whopping 37 inches.