Person booking a flight on their phone
Avoid Booking Flights On These Days To Make Your Money Go Further
In an exclusive interview, Explore spoke with luxury travel advisor Andy Knowles to understand what makes some flights more expensive and how to avoid overpaying for your trip.
Flight prices depend on the principle of supply and demand. "Airlines use dynamic pricing, which means that they will increase/decrease their rates based on demand," says Andy.
In other words, traveling on the weekend and during holidays means that prices tend to skyrocket because more people are looking for and buying flights for those days.
In addition, traveling to certain destinations during a specific season also means you'll have to pay a little more, such as traveling to Costa Rica in the dry season.
If you want to save some money, figure out when high and low seasons are at your destination and see if you're willing to trade a little sunshine for the price difference.
Andy also suggests using tools like Google Flights to keep a close eye on how prices fluctuate or using a travel agent if you don't want to do the planning yourself.