Camping under the night sky
Amazing Camping Destinations To Add To Your 2024 Bucket List
Chile and Argentina's Patagonia region has nine impressive national parks with rocky mountain peaks, colorful flowing rivers, and massive glaciers.
Wild camping is generally encouraged in most areas of Patagonia, but you'll find ample opportunities to set up at a campsite. Keep warm, as there is a significant wind chill.
Located near the border between Alberta and British Columbia, Glacier National Park is a gorgeous collection of Rocky Mountain ridges and deep-running valleys.
Glacier National Park
Some campsites require reservations, while some areas do not allow random camping, and winter camping is limited. For a clear view of the night sky, camp out on the Hermit Trail.
Wild camping is not allowed in Iceland, but the country has plenty of designated camping spots where adventurers can set up and enjoy the view.
Campsites near Glymur Falls and Thórsmõrk Valley offer dramatic landscapes, and the Skaftafell campground puts you close to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon for some icy walks.
The Grand Canyon is a popular hiking and camping spot worthy of any nature lover's bucket list. To use the campgrounds or backcountry camp, you need a permit.
Grand Canyon
Most campgrounds in Grand Canyon National Park are located on the rims, but three within the canyon allow two consecutive night stays. Beware of going without a permit.
Known for its greenery and awe-inspiring cliffs, Scotland openly shares its natural marvels with the world, having a code of access for most of its land and waters.
There are campsites, but wild camping is another way to see some rarely-trekked sights. The Cairngorms offer rolling mounts, lush valleys, ancient glaciers, lochs, and fjords.