As a young businessman exits the airport with a suitcase, he is talking on a mobile phone.
Airport Scams To Avoid During Your Next Trip
The fake airline reservation scam is quite common. A traveler books a flight through a dodgy third-party website and then discovers that their seat doesn't exist.
Reservation Scam
In other cases, the passenger books the flight through a legitimate airline website but later tries to reschedule through a fake customer service number planted online by scammers.
Scammers often use distractions to dupe tourists. For example, someone may ask where the restroom is, then have an accomplice snatch your bag while you look for it.
Distraction Scam
Another distraction scam takes place during the security check. Someone will keep setting off the buzzer while their partner steals your items from the security bins.
After a long flight, you may be desperate to head to your hotel, which fake taxi drivers will exploit to overcharge you. They may even hold your luggage ransom.
Taxi Scams
Another iteration of this scam involves pre-arranged rides, where a scammer will copy your name from the real driver's sign. Confirm your driver's identity before accepting a ride.
In 2015, security agents at Manila International Airport were planting bullets in passengers' bags and charging them fees in a huge luggage scam.
Luggage Scams
Employees have also used passenger bags to smuggle drugs. While it's hard to avoid such scams, locking and wrapping your bags could make you less of a target.