A man walks down a plane aisle on a full flight
Airplane Etiquette Rules You May Not Know But Are Common Courtesy
Flight attendants deal with grumpy travelers all day long. Some passengers often gloss over the work attendants do and treat them with a certain degree of functionality.
Greet them upon boarding, thank them for their service, and always follow the rules like stowing your tray table before landing and staying seated when the seatbelt sign is on.
If you're in the middle seat, you'll probably jump at the opportunity to swap seats. However, if they're offering a less desirable seat, it's your right to decline.
Your Seat
There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if someone is traveling with small children or has limited mobility, it's best to move and ensure a smooth flight for all.
Although cell phone usage isn't allowed once take-off begins, a few passengers always take advantage of every last minute to finish a call.
Phone Calls
As in-flight connectivity improves, some passengers take phone or video calls mid-flight. If you must stay connected, stick to texting and use headphones until disembarking.
Since the aisle seat offers extra legroom and the window seat gives you a wall to lean on, let the middle seat have priority over both armrests.
The person in the window seat can open or close the shade at their discretion. However, it's also their responsibility to ensure courtesies to other passengers.
The Window
Ensure the sun isn't blinding fellow passengers, and allow darkness and light to enter at appropriate times to prevent circadian rhythms from getting out of whack.