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A Simple Tip For Feeling Safer When Staying In A Hotel Alone
When talking with family and friends about taking a solo trip or posting about it online, one can receive a few raised eyebrows in response, as many consider it dangerous.
Amanda Brown of Adventures All Around asks for two hotel keys at the front desk because hotel workers will be less likely to enter your room if they believe it was booked for two.
To keep people from messing with his things, traveler Johnny Jet says, "I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and say out loud [...] 'See you shortly when we get back!'"
Pretending to speak to someone makes it seem like your hotel room is occupied, making you and the items in your hotel room less of a target for criminals.
You should also try to get a room on a high floor, away from emergency exits. Any thieves or shady people will have a harder time slipping in and out discretely when snooping.