Tourists walk along the footpath in Spain
25 Long-Distance Hiking Trails To Add To Your Bucket List
One of New Zealand’s “Great Walks,” this 32-mile mike takes three to four days. It goes through thick forests and offers views of Lake Te Anau and Lake Manapouri.
Kepler Track, NZ
Though October to April is the most ideal time to do this hike, experienced hikers prepared for snow, limited sunlight, and potential ice can complete it in the off-season.
This 2,600-mile trek from the Canadian to Mexican border goes through seven national parks, from SoCal deserts to the peaks of the Pacific Northwest.
Pacific Crest Trail, U.S.
It takes about five months to complete. While there’s no ideal time of year applicable to the entire route, summer and early fall are considered the best.
The Camino is a series of paths that stretch from Spain as far as France and Portugal, with numerous starting points and lengths. Some are UNESCO heritage sites.
El Camino de Santiago
The most famous long-distance walk in Europe, the Camino dates back to medieval times, when it was a pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
Those who walk at least 60 miles of a route get a Pilgrim Passport to receive stamps along the way, earning a Compostela Credential certificate upon completion.
It’s best to hike the Camino in spring from April to June and early fall from September to October. This is when the European weather will be pleasant but not too hot.
A 240-mile route from Lake Tärnasjön to Hemavan, this popular hike’s name translates to “The King’s Way” as it was once the king’s favorite fishing lake.
Kungsleden, Sweden
Between June and mid-September are when conditions are best to hike the various ski and footpaths through this section of Sweden’s most breathtaking mountains.
In 1983, the Sentiero Italia Association designated this 4,000-mile Italian hiking trail spanning from the country’s islands and boot to the mountainous northern regions.
Grand Italia Trail
Most hikers choose a region of Sentioro Italia at a time. The north and central sections are most comfortable in the summer, while southern portions are best in spring and autumn.