Boeing plane in Japan airport
2023's Busiest And Most Popular Airline Routes
In 2023, travel finally picked up around the world after the COVID-19 pandemic, and travel analytics company OAG released data on the busiest airline routes of 2023.
OAG found that the most popular international route in the world, with nearly 4.9 million seats, ran between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Changi, a popular commuter route.
Several other Asian cities dominated OAG's list of the busiest flight routes of 2023. Most other popular paths were East Asian and Southeast Asian destinations.
Flight routes between Cairo and Jeddah claimed the second spot, and Hong Kong to Taipei was third. Seoul's Incheon Airport and Singapore Changi appeared in the top 10 three times.
The only U.S. city to appear in the ranking was New York City. Nearly 3.9 million seats were scheduled for flights between JFK Airport and London Heathrow, making it eighth.
South Korea was home to the most competitive domestic route, between Jeju International and Seoul Gimpo. Japan nabbed the second and third-place spots.
The busiest airline route within the U.S. was between Hawaii's Honolulu and Kahului airports, claiming over 3.6 million seats. Atlanta to Orlando was second.