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14 Tools And Apps Beyond Google Maps To Plan The Perfect Road Trip
The Roadtrippers app will plot your directions, and highlight places of interest along the way. The app claims to have over "300 extraordinary places" in its directory, including campgrounds, natural attractions, hotels, activities, gas stations, and rest stops — and you can even share your travel plans with others.
The free Waze app was created to help you navigate the roads with real-time information, including notifications about upcoming traffic, construction, and car crashes, and you can even confirm the speed limit along your route. If something comes up along the way, the app will automatically change your route to the fastest option.
GasBuddy is a free website and app that can help you save money by showing the gas stations near you — and their prices. One of the handiest features for road trip planning is GasBuddy's trip cost calculator, which helps you stay within your budget by figuring out how much gas might cost for your upcoming road trip.
The free AllTrails app helps you find hiking trails by region — complete with photos, reviews, maps with a GPS feature, and trail guides. From epic remote hiking adventures to short strolls in the park, it will advise if a trail is dog- or family-friendly, has accessibility issues, or has attractions, like wildflowers, waterfalls, hot springs, or caves.
Yelp is the most popular foodie app for finding restaurant and bar recommendations by region, and you can search for whatever you are craving and instantly get a list or map view of your options. You can also read through user reviews or filter options like price and distance through the search engine.