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14 Of The Best Haunted Hotels In New Orleans
In the French Quarter, the Andrew Jackson Hotel was previously a boarding school that burned down in the late 1700s with five boys trapped inside. Guests have reported hearing the disembodied voices of children playing, and hauntings from a boy named Armand (who jumped to his death from what is now room 204) and a ghostly caretaker that turns down the bed while guests are still in it.
The Andrew Jackson Hotel
One of the most prominent resident ghosts of Hotel Monteleone is 3-year-old Maurice Begere, who developed a fever and passed away in his family’s room during the hotel’s early years. Already a hotspot for hauntings, the hotel has recently undergone renovations, which is said to awaken even more paranormal activity.
Hotel Monteleone
Celebrated as a luxury hotel, this Garden District hotel is also considered to be one of the most haunted in New Orleans. Haunted Nation speculates that it could be home to over 20 ghosts, and one Tripadvisor reviewer stated that her stay included knocks on her door while no one was there.
The Pontchartrain Hotel
Le Pavillon opened as a prestigious hotel in the early 1900s but was built on the site of a large plantation home and later a theater for explicit shows. Famously haunted by over 100 ghosts including a girl named Ava in Room 930 and a mysterious couple who disappear through walls, the hotel is speculated to be a portal to another universe.
Le Pavillon
This hotel was once a theater, a convent, and a school for Black girls in the 1800s, and is now among the most haunted hotels in the world. Its many ghosts include a ballerina who haunts the ballroom, little girls in the convent area, and an older man who reads a newspaper in the lobby, but it's possible to smell his cigar before actually laying eyes on the specter.
Bourbon Orleans Hotel