Mature man with backpack standing on mountain against sky during wonderful sunrise
12 Best Sunscreens To Use When Visiting A Tropical Destination
Unrivaled Sun Serum by Eleven by Venus Williams is designed for the face, won’t weigh on the skin, and can be worn over your regular moisturizer or under make-up. Packed with antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes, skin-calming allantoin, and shea butter, it is completely reef-safe and uses 25% zinc oxide — no chemical SPFs here!
Best Sun Serum
Biotherm's Waterlover Moisturizing Sun Lotion has SPF 50+ content, has been eco-tested for both skin and ocean safety, and the brand specifically notes that the product is safe for all the plankton and aquatic life you might encounter. The lotion itself is encased in cardboard, which the brand claims leads to 43% less plastic in its packaging.
Best Moisturizing Sun Lotion
Anthelios Sun Cream Moisturizing Tube offers both skin and environmental protections and is specially designed for sensitive skin. The tubes are made from cardboard, which uses up to 75% less plastic than traditional tubing, has SPF 50+ protection from the sun's rays — both UVA and UVB — and moisturizes your skin.
Best for Sensitive Skin
Suntribe offers a sun stick that is specifically designed for those who will be active while being protected from the sun, such as while sailing or surfing. The Suntribe Sports Zinc Sun Stick has an SPF of 30 and is a mineral sunscreen, made from organic ingredients safe for both coral reefs and aquatic life.
Best Sun Stick
Shontay Lundy created Black Girl Sunscreen with a 30 SPF, and is designed for darker skin. Ulta reviewers overwhelmingly love the sunscreen, with one writing, "I have very sensitive, oily-combo, hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation skin and this doesn't irritate my skin at all. Goes on like a moisturizer and leaves no white, cast, or anything behind."
Best for Black Skin