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11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Ask For From
A Hotel
In addition to soap and hair products, hotels are usually fairly generous with basic toiletries and toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving kits, and even condoms. Insider says that some hotel chains like Kimpton Hotels offer additional supplies for guests, including period hygiene products — you just need to ask.
1. Forgotten Toiletries
Whether you're looking for a special view or a quieter location, sometimes a specific room request is needed. Travel Nite suggests requesting by phone or email and to let the hotel know if you’re celebrating something, while Oyster says to ask for a corner room for what will seem like an upgrade without the fee.
2. Asking For A Specific Room
For body pillow sleepers, it can be hard to adjust to sleeping without one, but some hotels have them available, as well as other kinds of pillows, like feather or memory foam. The Travel notes that hotels like The Benjamin in New York City have a specialty pillow menu; guests just have to ask the front desk for one.
3. Body Pillows
When a hotel offers laundry services on-site, you can often find laundry bags in the closet or somewhere in the room, and in some cases, the hotels don't mind if you take the bag with you, though it's important to ask first. Just don't leave the bag of dirty clothes in the wrong spot, or you might end up paying for hotel laundry services.
4. Laundry Bags
It is becoming more popular to offer bikes to guests for a small fee, or even for free. Being able to see your destination on a bike is such a lovely departure from relying on taxis all the time — and significantly cheaper — so the next time you find yourself in a bike-friendly locale, ask your hotel if they have bike rentals and enjoy the ride.
5. Bicycles