A woman stands on the deck of a cruise ship looking at a deserted island in the distance
11 Places To Go On A Cruise Without A Passport
If you are a citizen traveling outside of the U.S., it's highly recommended to have a passport even if your cruise doesn't require it as emergencies do arise. Instead of a passport, you’ll need an enhanced driver's license or both your state-issued driver's license and your birth certificate.
Before You Book
Traveling to Alaska via cruise comes with some complications compared to flying there, as you must make sure to select the correct route when traveling without a valid passport. To make sure you are able to get on the ship without a hitch, you must make sure your trip does not depart or end in Canada.
A cruise to the islands of Hawaii is a lot more affordable than flying in. Hawaii is made up of eight major islands and a number of smaller ones, so a cruise is your best bet to thoroughly see a few of them with one passport-free trip.
These cruises are a great option for travelers taking a cruise for the very first time and itineraries are available to cruise the length of the United States' western coast. And as long as the route doesn't bleed over into Canada, there is no need to bring along a passport.
West Coast
There are a few ways to do a cruise of the Panama Canal, but if you're planning on traveling without a passport, you're limited to only one option. You will need to begin and end in Florida and do a circular route that avoids making port in Columbia.
Panama Canal