Woman packing a suitcase with essentials for trip
10 Items Better To Buy Than Pack
Travel essentials vary from person to person, but the must-haves usually include destination-appropriate clothing, a jacket, shoes, swimwear, underwear, medications, and toiletries for your specific needs. To pack efficiently, use one of the ‘packing methods’ frequent travelers rely on, such as the countdown or the power of three.
Only Pack The Essentials
After streamlining your travel attire, tackle your toiletries next and skip the basics that hotels provide, like soap, lotion, body wash, conditioner, and shampoo. If you need to bring your own, opt for travel-sized or bar form rather than liquids.
Hotels Provide Toiletries
Similar to your toiletries, most hotels have blow dryers handy, but for other styling tools, you should look into travel-sized options, or opt to buy affordable ones at your destination. You can also schedule an appointment at your hotel's spa or nearby hairdresser, or bring an easy-to-pack satin heatless curling set.
Hair Styling Tools
Though it may be tempting to bring items for specific day trips, outdoor activities, or one-time-only events, consider buying these items at your destination. See if your accommodations, tour guide, or planned event will supply what you need, and if not, then consider buying or renting locally instead.
One-Offs and Special Events
Instead of wasting precious space packing guidebooks and maps purchase them on your trip at souvenir shops, stores, and airports, or download a travel app and any essential related info before you leave. You can also take pictures of maps at their destination (subway, hiking trails, and bus routes) for later reference.
Guidebooks, Maps, and Reading