UPDATED: Space Jump Delayed

UPDATE III, 1:43pm EDT: Gusty winds have forced the mission abort for today, Tuesday, October 9.  

UPDATE II, 1:40pm EDT: The capsule is being launched! Felix will hit his jumping altitude in less than three hours. Tune in!

UPDATE, noon EDT: The mission, and live feed, are set to resume at 1pm. The baloon is being laid out, and Felix's suit up procedure (which we can only assume is a long one) is complete. 

Folks, it is almost on. The RedBull Stratos space jump has been officially scheduled for Monday, barring tornadoes, hurricanes, mutant winged beasts flying through the falling zone, or, you know, just ground wind speeds above 2mph.  

Remember, "Fearless" Felix Baumgartner will be jumping from a pressurized capsule in a pressurized space suit from a record-breaking height of 120,000 feet (or 23 miles), theoretically breaking the sound of speed with his body.

UPDATE: You can watch the jump live Monday at 1pm EDT.  (As of 10am Monday, the balloon launch from Roswell, NM was on hold.) Back on (see above).

We'll update as soon as RedBull has video, and to (hopefully) let you know that Felix is safely back on land.    

And, to whet your pants appetite, the rendering of what the world looks like from 120,000 feet.