Winter Sports You Need To Try This Year

Though snow hasn't started falling in heaps just yet, it's easy to see how staying active in the winter can be a bit of a challenge. If you're one of the many who prefer to work out in the warmer months, you should know that creativity and variety can help make your winter workouts more enjoyable. [slideshow:81575]

From the active adventures you can take regularly to the once-a-winter experiences like bobsledding, changing up your routine can help keep you moving despite shorter days and colder temperatures. Whether you plan on getting outside for exercise, pure enjoyment or a bit of a thrill, there are plenty of opportunities—just add snow.

Fat biking, snow kayaking, ice climbing and so much more await the outdoor adventurers ready to brave the elements. Head outside this winter and try one of these awesome sports.

Fat Biking

With quiet beginnings in sand and snow during the 1980s, fat biking has recently exploded onto the winter recreation and bike commuter scene. Designed specifically for handling soft, uneven conditions, the fat bike is perfect for taking on snow, sand and even some dirt trails where you might need extra grip. The defining feature on these bikes are the over-sized tires, which allow the rubber to float over obstacles or unfavorable conditions—and they are a blast to ride any time of year. If you miss warm-weather riding, try fat biking this winter; many trail systems allow fat bikes and rentals are available in many ski towns across the country and are increasingly popping up in bike shops everywhere.

Ski Biking

Much like it sounds, this downhill sport combines a bike frame with skis in place of tires for an ultimate thrill. Well-loved as an alternative winter sport, ski biking is an adventurous way to get on the mountain without a long learning curve. Several ski resorts (like Vail) offer rentals and tours; visit the American SkiBike Association to learn more.

8 Other Winter Sports You Need to Try this Year

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