Is Shaun White Playing XGames With The Media?

When Louri Podladtchikov edged out Shaun White in the XGames SuperPipe seminfal, he didn't tout his victory over the two-time Olympic gold medalist.

"He gave it to me," Podladtchikov told ESPN. "It's just qualifiers; it's never going to happen in finals. He just does it to make you media guys go crazy."

On Sunday, White will attempt to win his sixth straight SuperPipe gold medal at the XGames Aspen from the second place position. White is known for his athletic ability, as well as his strategic savvy. He is known to practice when no one's around and to rent his own pipes and foam pits to keep his tricks secret.

Sunday's event should be exciting, with both riders ready to reveal mysterious tricks that could win them the title. In Podladtchikov's case, it's a dangerous move he's never tried on snow.

Podladtchikov—nicknamed I-Pod—will go last in the competition, meaning he'll know exactly what he's up against. A win for the Russian-born rider would be his first over White in three years.