Shark-Dolphin Swims With Pro Surfer?

(D. Bahn/Hurley)

Pro surfer Kolohe Andino must've felt an instant flash of panic when this fishy gray figure cruised beneath him during his second round heat Tuesday at the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles. For a moment, he surely thought there was more at stake than elimination.

But as soon as it came, the unidentified lurker was gone, and all that was left was speculation among competitors and spectators. Was it a shark, or a dolphin? There were compelling arguments either way, but, for our money, that's a dolphin. Either way, Andino completed his ride without incident (though he was eliminated from competition), and there were no further encounters in the remaining two days of competition (which—spoiler alert!—Kelly Slater eventually won). 

In the end, we're just glad it wasn't a far greater threat—a shark-dolphin. Yes, we're talking a shark-fish mutant combo—a fierce animal that combines a dolphin's super intelligence with a shark's killer instinct and hunting prowess. OK, so maybe there is no such thing. But you can imagine.

Via GrindTV.