Killer Whales In Washington

If the recent ruling by a federal judge to separate Orca whales from their trainers during performances put a kibosh on your SeaWorld trip, think about heading to Washington's San Juan Islands where you can skip the glass tank. All summer long, the ocean waters are filled with Orcas feasting upon the migrating the Chinook salmon that swim up and down the coast. Catching a glimpse of these black-and-white giants is so common that one guide service states that over 90 percent of their outings record sightings.

Commute to your whale-watching point by bike—the island chain's three largest landmasses offer everything from a day of recreational riding and sightseeing (Lopez Island) to challenging routes such as the one that will take you the nearly 2,500 feet up of Mount Constitution (Orcas Island), and everything in between.