Red Bull Wakeskates A Cranberry Bog—Again

We've talked before about Red Bull's knack for producing absurd action clips, but this one, despite its silly premise, is better. Sure, there are pro athletes wakeskating rather improbably through a cranberry bog in Manitowish Water, Wis., but the cranberries form a sort of massive, deep red canvas that makes for compelling footage, especially in super slo-mo. It's a fairly genius concept for achieving a very specific shot—as pretty as skating through wet paint, only with none of the waste or cleanup.

Plus, there's added, educational value in that you learn about how cranberries are harvested. Did you know they grow on bushes on dry land and the field are only flooded at harvest time? Now you do.

Wondering what unseen force is pulling Brian Grubb and Ben Horan across the bog? It's a high-powered winch that Red Bull employs in a series called "Winch Sessions" to pull wakeboarders, skateboarders, paragliders and the like through unusual environments (frozen Midwest ponds, urban landscapes and, more than once, cranberry bogs). We're not about to tune in to the whole series, but this is definitely worth a watch for the natural beauty of it.

And we're hoping, for Red Bull's sake, that this isn't their labor-intensive plan for producing a new cranberry-flavored energy drink.