Primetime Sports Site Spotlights A Snowboarder

If you're a fan of a major league sports team—just about any league you can think of—then chances are you've come across, which has been growing steadily since 2006. But while it primarily covers traditional, stick-and-ball sports, it recently devoted one of its popular "Why We Watch" segments to the life and times of snowboarder Travis Rice.

In it, Rice maintains that his sanity is intact, despite the fact he's been known to double-backflip backcountry chasms on his first take, and recently survived an avalanche by duck-diving, then riding out of it.

Rice also hints at a budding acting career, and widens the lens for the benefit of Bleacher Report's more general sports audience—comparing what's happening in snowboarding today with 20 years ago and looking toward the future. He also justifiably includes the Supernatural competition he organized as part of his sport's progression—an event that took four years to plan and produce on a remote (and steep!) mountainside in interior British Columbia.

It's nice to see the once-fringe sport of snowboarding in the mainstream spotlight—even now, on the eve of summer following a snowless winter. Whether you've heard of Travis Rice or not, the video segment is worth a watch.