Postcards Across America

Here's the thing with most postcards. You feel compelled to buy them when you travel, in spite of the clichéd images (people will be excited to receive them and won't care what they look like!), you never buy just one (it's a deal if you buy in bulk!), you leave the register with dreams of all the things you're going to do with said postcards (Send to Mom! Dad! Grandma! College roommate! Then frame one from every place you travel!) and ultimately, they wind up scattered through your belongings, more an awkward nuisance than anything else.

But two Brooklyn-based professional photographers—Jake Jones and Andrew Kenney—might just change the bad-postcard stigma: Having just set out on a cross-country road trip, the pair will capture one unique (not clichéd) image from each state over the next three months, turning their photos into self-printed postcards along the way. You can follow the project, Going Nowhere, online and can now pre-order box sets of 10-50 of the heavyweight cardstock, framing-quality postcards to be shipped in September after the pair has returned home to New York.

The project, which was funded entirely by Kickstarter, easily surpassed the initial fundraising goal of $7,500, with the pair now having raked in nearly $30,000.  

After checking out their first few images, something tells me that these won't end up folded into a smelly t-shirt in someone's suitcase. 

Via Gadling.