Paraplegic Man Set To Conquer The World

Most people will never come close to traveling around the world. But Brit Andrew Campbell plans to do it in just two short years, tackling the entire journey using his wheelchair and other non-perambulatory means.

Campbell, a self-described "disabled adventurer," will depart from London early this month for a 30,000-mile adventure. Along the way, he'll cross the English Channel by kayak, paraglide over Kazakhstan and handcycle the length Alaska, among other creative and extreme methods of travel that don't require the use of his legs. The journey will conclude in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina after crossing four continents.

The goal behind Campbell's challenging trek is to raise £1 million (about $1.5 million USD) for The Chutkara Initiative, which supplies mobility equipment to those with spinal chord injuries similar to the one he sustained in a climbing accident eight years ago.

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