FemaleWolfpack.com Launches For Women

A preview of the first website to feature women in extreme sports is now up and running.

The project is called Female Wolfpack, and it was founded by Rachael Burks, a professional big-mountain skier based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Through her experience as a sponsored athlete, Burks discovered a serious conundrum: When you're finally being paid to ski, you still have to pay companies to film you. Burks designed Female Wolfpack to "create a place to foster women's athleticism, inspire the next generation, and reach the masses without dollar signs attached," according to the website.

Anyone can submit a video, as long as they follow the website's three rules:

1. Fun: It's not about being extreme, it's about having fun and staying safe.
2. "No excuses, play like a champion": The website has a zero-tolerance policy for negativity.
3. No nudity: The site is meant to show women at their best in athletics, not for women to exploit themselves as sex symbols. You can be sexy by kicking ass at your sport. 

H/T The Ski Journal.