Never Fold A Map Again

Yes, we know. There's an app for that. But there's something to be said for tactile, hold-in-your-hands products—especially when they solve a problem that frustrated generations of travellers before smartphones and GPS devices became so thoroughly omnipresent. If you've ever struggled to re-fold a paper map, you know what we're talking about. (Kids, ask your parents.)

These flexible fabric maps never need folding. Instead, just stuff them unceremoniously into the included carrying pouch, and be on your way. The map series—which was designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso and is sold by Palomar—covers major cities around the world: from Amesterdam to Zurich, with dozens in between. As a bonus, each map contains ten "soul sites" sprinkled throughout each city—off-the-beaten-path pointsof interest.

The 23-by-34-inch maps cost $15 each, they're indestructable, and they make great gifts for anyone venturing to one of the cities Crumpled City covers. Plus—they only take a mere two seconds to deploy, with or without cell coverage. Suck on that, GoogleMaps.

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