The Most Spectacular Gardens In The World

Spring is characterized by blooming flowers and the desire to enjoy the outdoors, naturally a visit to a garden is a perfect plan.[slideshow:1304]

We know that trips into nature are good for our health, but outdoor activity doesn't always have to mean hiking or running, it could be as simple and tranquil as visiting a garden. These stunning landscapes and incredible designs of nature are more than just beautiful, they are works of art that illicit a kind of calmness that's tough to find elsewhere. Wandering among tulips, roses and lotus flowers and touring the grounds of historical estates is a delight that you need to experience.

From California to Cape Town, these public spaces and once-private estates display some of the most spectacular flowers, sculptures and landscapes the world has to offer. Take a tour of the 10 Most Spectacular Gardens in the World and then visit to see the extensive beauty in person.

Butchart Gardens—B.C., Canada

This National Historic Site offers some of the most beautiful plant variety and an incredible backstory of reclaimed land. After Portland Cement exhausted their quarry, the wife of the company's owner, Jennie Butchart brought soil from local farms to fill in the gaping floor. From the early 1900s, the Butcharts built up the garden and today, the 55-acre space is home to 900 plant varieties, separate Italian, Japanese and Rose gardens and just one tall chimney, which is the only surviving part of the cement quarry.

Chateau De Versailles—France

A monumental undertaking in the 17th century, the massive gardens of Versailles were constructed at the request of King Louis XIV, who considered the gardens just as important as his castle. Under the direction of designer André Le Nôtre and with the help of thousands of men, the King's gardens came to life. Visitors can still experience the massive 250-acre gardens—the classic statues, ornate fountains and large canal that the king used for gondola rides have been well preserved. Some sections even look as they did several hundred years ago.

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