KiraVan: The Most Extravagant RV You'll Ever See

The wildest, most extreme RV is in the works, at it's named after a 4-year-old girl. Designed by Applied Minds, LLC lead designer Bran Ferren, The KiraVan Trailer brings glamping to a whole new level. The trailer was named after Kira, his 4-year-old daughter, and some of the features inside, are made just for her.

It's no wonder that Ferren, known dominantly for his former position of President of Research and Development of Walt Disney Imagineering, would create one of the coolest tech RVs ever seen. With a quiet diesel generator, and a solar battery charging system, this big beast has no problem powering up off-road.

The beautiful interior only becomes more expansive with a rising roof mechanism and SwingOut® module system. Inside you can find an office space with two computers, portable wi-fi access, a printer/scanner, and access to database and vehicle computer storage servers.

The Operator's Console looks straight from a classic science fiction spaceship. The kitchen has all your basics with fold out cooking surfaces to provide additional surfaces. Add a killer entertainment system including satellite HDTV and a pop-up penthouse sleeping tent, and you'll never want to live in a house again.

Did I mention the bathroom? The toilet incinerates all waste into a non-toxic and biologically sterile powder. Check out the annotated version of the KiraVan below for more fun goodies included, and follow this multi-million dollar project to completion.

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