Kayaking Between Russia And Alaska

Earlier this month, expedition kayakers Keirron Tastagh and George Shaw embarked on an ambitious 1,500-mile route through the remote Aleutian Islands—an archipelago that stretches between Russia and Alaska. The adventurers' mission will take them into territory usually reserved for the open-water fishing vessels featured on "The Deepest Catch"

The duo started their trip off padding into 35-knot headwinds, camping on frozen islands, and clearing a foot of fresh snow off their boats the next day, only to do it all over again.

In between paddling and collecting data to help in the study of the decline of North Sea Otters, Tasagh and Shaw manage to update their blog with SMS texts, phone calls and occasional photos. The challenges of their mission are profound, and so far they seem to be keeping their spirits up and sense of humor intact. Follow their progress at horrendousexperiences.blogspot.com

via: TheAdventureBlog